SugarLips Night One

The first night of the SugarLips fest went excellently last night, with some jaw-dropping performances from everyone involved. My legs are presently in agony from the excessive dancing that's clearly a byproduct of being at a Kill City Defectors show.

The KCD's were amazing, showcasing their new album, and their uncanny aptitude for funkiness. Vimanas tore the place up like maniacs, blowing away the crowd in the process. Enemies were fantastic, and flew the flag for rock and roll, with drummer Oisin fighting through the flu & playing until the last possible moment before he had to run off and throw up. Clockwork Noise's set went satisfyingly well considering we'd only had a handful of rehearsals.

So, all in all a success. Some technical & logistical lessons were learned, hopefully to the benefit of tonight's show, which will be starting in a matter of hours. After tonight I plan on drinking like a maniac, and partying well into Sunday (if I have the energy left over). Hopefully see you there.

A full SugarLips review will follow, as soon as I have the energy- promise!

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