SugarLips Spotlight No.3: Enemies

Enemies was started as a solo project by Eoin Whitfield, who has himself been involved in many music projects famed around these parts- from playing in bands such as 'Kidd Blunt' & 'Soldiers Take Half', to producing in his Wicklow recording studio and even organizing the odd gig himself. Clearly a talented man, Whitfield has with Enemies recruited a bunch of fantastic musicians to explore the more obscure aspects of his musical psyche.

By no means straight-forward, Enemies' sound leaps away from the easily defined. At times pure math-rock (and contributing to the very cream of that genre), their songs have no fear of becoming truly epic and even orchestral. Check out the two songs on their myspace profile, I'm sure you'll agree that these guys know what they're doing.

The band are set to release a five track EP, 'Alpha Waves', on Popular Records very soon; after which we can definitely expect big things.

Enemies play this Friday Nov 16th at the SugarLips Festival in Bray.

Check out Enemies myspace page here.

Check out the SugarLips Festival profile page here.

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