SugarLips Spotlight No.4: Vimanas

Vimanas are mythical flying machines as described in Sanskrit epics. They are also a band hailing from Dublin who, according to themselves, are not to be meddled with. Listening to their Debut EP will quickly confirm this testament, as the band have managed to record an opus of musical aggression, only restrained by their technical ability and their (often underplayed) awareness of melody.

The band have been receiving rave reviews since their recent EP release and tour of Ireland with highly acclaimed breakcore DJ 'Herv'. As can be expected from their recorded output, Vimanas' live show exudes energy. In fact, it exudes crazy. You may want to stand back. But you will not want to miss it. Just be aware that they have a drum beat that "rips the heart out of non-believers".

You've been warned.

Check out Vimanas on myspace here.

Or click me to hear the awesome 'Crystal Maze'.

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