Patton At The Movies

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Mike patton (a personal hero of mine) not happy with being in a million bands and guesting on a load of peoples albums (Björk ,Melvins, Sepultura and John Zorn to name but a few) is now getting into the acting thing. Not for the first time- in the film Firecracker from 2005, Patton played two roles- Frank and David.

Well now Patton is lending his voice to Omega Man remake 'I Am Legend'. Patton will voice "the dreaded creatures" (according to a press release)"He is the voice of the creatures in the movie. That is right, the evil screams and howls coming from the 'creatures' will be courtesy of Mike."

You can get a little preview of Mike's growls in the trailer below:

Next year marks Patton's debut as a film composer for the short b&w film 'A Perfect Place'. The film is about a pair of bumbling friends trying to dispose of a body," according to the press release.

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