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season 5 of the wire starts in America in January (if you don't know what im talking about its in my opinion the best tv show ever)a few promos and prequels have been popping up on youtube.(there more of them on youtube im just gonna post two)
McNulty Season 5 Promo

When Bunk Met McNulty (2000)

also in January see two Wire albums being released the first "...and all the pieces matter" - Five Years of Music From The Wire,is a pick and mix of all the music thats been in the show over the four seasons it includes several takes on the shows theme-- the Tom Waits-penned "Down in the Hole"-- by the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Neville Brothers, and DoMaJe, also on the track listing is Steve Earle, Paul Weller, Solomon Burke, the Pogues, and others, all interspersed with dialogue culled from the show.The booklet for Five Years includes essays from series writer George Pelecanos and hip-hop journalist Jeff Chang, and an interview between the show's creator David Simon and novelist Nick Hornby that originally appeared in The Believer.
The second cd is called Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Club Tracks From The Wire and as the name suggests is club tracks that would not seem out of place in the baltimore clubs.

"...and all the pieces matter."- Five Years of Music from The Wire:

01 "This America, man." (dialogue)
02 The Blind Boys of Alabama: "Way Down in the Hole"
03 "Why would anyone ever wanna leave Baltimore?" (dialogue)
04 Michael Franti & Spearhead: "Oh My God"
05 Rod Lee: "Dance My Pain Away"
06 DJ Technics: "My Life Extra"
07 "The king stay the king." (dialogue)
08 The Neville Brothers: "Way Down in the Hole"
09 "We used to make shit in this country." (dialogue)
10 The Nighthawks: "Sixteen Tons"
11 Lafayette Gilchrist: "Assume the Position"
12 "What the fuck did I do?" (dialogue)
13 Jesse Winchester: "Step by Step"
14 Paul Weller: "I Walk on Gilded Splinters"
15 Solomon Burke: "Fast Train"
16 The Pogues: "The Body of an American"
17 "All the pieces matter." (dialogue)
18 Stelios Kazantzidis: "Efuge Efuge"
19 "Omar comin'!" (dialogue)
20 DoMaJe: "Way Down in the Hole"
21 "If it's a lie, then we fight on that lie."
22 Tyree Colion: "Projects"
23 "Later for that gangsta bullshit." (dialogue)
24 Bossman: "Ayo"
25 Sharpshooters: "Analyze"
26 "Wars end." (dialogue)
27 Masta Ace: "Unfriendly Game [ft. Stricklin]"
28 Ogun: "What You Know About Baltimore [ft. Phathead]"
29 Diablo: "Jail Flick"
30 Mullyman: "The Life, the Hood, the Streetz"
31 "An act of daily journalism." (dialogue)
32 Steve Earle: "I Feel Alright"
33 Tom Waits: "Way Down in the Hole"
34 "You remember that one day summer past?" (dialogue)
35 Blake Leyh: "The Fall"

Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Tracks From the Wire

01 DoMaJe: "Way Down in the Hole"
02 Tyree Colion: "Projects"
03 Rod Lee: "Dance My Pain Away"
04 DJ Technics: "My Life Extra"
05 Ogun: "What You Know About Baltimore [ft. Phathead]"
06 Diablo: "Jail Flick"
07 The Get 'em Mamis: "When You See Us [ft. L. Cash]"
08 Dirty Hartz: "That's Da Sound [ft. Verb]"
09 Bossman: "Ayo"
10 Mullyman: "The Life, the Hood, the Streetz"
11 Lafayette Gilchrist: "Assume the Position"

oh and season 4 is out on dvd this week

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