Trapped In The Closet: Move Over Citizen Kane?

For anyone who doesn't yet know, R'n'B singer and pedophile (ok, alleged pedophile) R. Kelly recently made the mother of all ego stroking music videos- Trapped In The Closet.

And it's fantastically awful. It's an exercise in pure hilarity which Kelly, clearly not realising that we're laughing at him rather than with him, has expanded into a TWENTY TWO (yes, 22) part music video.

I've sat through the first five or six, which are pretty amazing, but don't think I could make it through all twenty two (although judging by the elaborate make-up Kelly is sporting on the link page, I'll be missing some high production values).

Now all episodes of this farce are available to watch online here. Best of luck getting through them all (to be honest, you get the idea from the first two or so, they just keep getting progressively more ridiculous).

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