30 Seconds To Mars Anger Joe Duffy

Apparently 30 Seconds to Mars incurred the mighty wrath of Joe Duffy today for only playing a 30 minute set at their Ambassador show on Friday. Tickets for the show were 30 euro, so folk were (understandably) a tad annoyed. Since Bob already had a rant about set times earlier today, this begs the question- 'How long of a set is acceptable?'

Explosions in the Sky cost 20 quid a ticket and played for just over an hour. This seems perfectly fine in comparison with Jared Leto & Co, who seem to be taking the piss with their euro-a-minute set. Surely they can't argue lack of material, having just released their second full-length album. So what was it? Hairdressing emergency? Or did their two-gigs-in-one-night idea (they played one at regular O'Clock & one at midnight) take too much out of them?

Either way, I'd imagine the majority of those punters will be quite reluctant to go to another 30 Seconds To Mars show. Are they right?

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January 28, 2008 at 7:55 PM thecynicalgamer said...

Hmm 30 minutes does seem a bit of a joke. I read something about equipment not showing up, but still pretty shameful.

Although I do tend to take Joe Duffy's moral crusades with a pinch of salt. Entertaining listening, but only for the crazy elderly zealots. Not to be taken seriously in most cases ;)