Explosions in the Sky play Tripod.......for a while.

First of all let me make something perfectly clear. If you don't like Explosions in the Sky then I don't like you. Also if you don't want Explosions in the Sky to play for as long as they possibly can then I don't like you. This means that the organisers of Tripod have now been added to this illustrious list of people I don't like which is a shame because I quite like the venue. Its small enough that you can see from pretty much anywhere and its big enough so that bands like Explosions can get a decent crowd and fill the place.

So why oh why would you bring a band like this all the way over from Texas and then get them to play for appoximately one hour and 5 minutes. Why the fuck wouldn't you leave the gig in the village where they don't have a curfew for gigs in order that they may turn the place into a club for cream crackers.

Anyway as you would expect from Explosions they are four men who play rock music that can make you feel like you are standing on a mountain top overlooking the world with a smile on your face while at the same time give you that sense of despair that you can only get lying in a corner after having sold your ass once more to feed your smack habit. If this sounds like a bad combination then you just don't understand man, you just don't understand.

Here's two of my favourites of theirs both from their 2005 album "How strange, innocence:

The video below isn't from the Dublin gig but it prett much gives you the idea. Four men in tshirts playing guitars and drums. The song below is called The Birth and Death of the Day and is available on they're most recent album "All of a Sudden I miss Everyone".

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