Crayonsmith News


The debut single from Crayonsmith entitled 'Lost In The Forest' is out on March 7 2008.
Crayonsmith's new album 'White Wonder' will be out in April.

If you ain't heard Crayonsmith yet do yourself a favor and check them out on there myspace here

In unrelated news Chrome Hoof as been postponed till sometime in March.

And got this piece of news from a very very reliable source the amazing and not to be missed Why? are playing Dublin on the 23 of April this year not sure what venue yet but will keep you informed as info comes out.
Cuz that news is so awesome here an mp3 of Why? covering 80 group the cure
mp3 Why? -Close to Me (The Cure cover)

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January 31, 2008 at 4:37 PM AíLó said...

ArrghhH!H!HH What to do... Sebadoh in whelans on april 23!!! If I go see them, that once again reaffirms my decision to go to the Explosions ATP... sweeet... WHY? though...WHYYYY?!