Heath Ledger Dies!!!

Genuine shock with this because I actually quite like this guy. Apart from being one of those teen idol chancers he really looked like quite a nice bloke.

Apparently he was found dead in his apartment in Manhatten surrounded by pills. At the time of writing this its been only been two hours since he's been found so there's no telling if it was suicide or accidental overdose.

He first came to attention in my household in both "Sweat" and "Roar", two aussie soaps that my sister used to watch just before Home and Away years ago. Since then he's been in some pretty good movies like Monsters ball, Ned Kelly and 10 Things I Hate About You and some absolute scour like A Knights Tale and The Order.

His most famous role was the one he was Oscar Nominated for Brokeback Mountain which in my opinion was dull as fuck but lots of people seemed to like it and he really wasn't half bad in it. It seems now that his most memorable role will be his swan song where he will play (ironically if it turns out to be suicide) The Joker in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight. Anybody who hasn't seen the trailer yet should hang their heads because it looks like it will kick some serious amounts of booty and that Ledger will steal the show. Check it out below:

He is survived by his estranged girlfriend Michelle Williams and a two year old Daughter.

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January 22, 2008 at 11:46 PM Clockwork Rob said...

I thought Brokeback 0ountain was amazing, and Ledger was fantastic in it. Real classic old-fashioned filmmaking. Damn tragedy about his death.