Who Will Save Us From Glen Hansard's Ego?

In an attempt to reassure myself that Hansard will remain only ever 'Academy Award Nominee Glen Hansard', lets take a look at his competition in the Best Song category for the Oscars:

August Rush
'Raise It Up'

Hmmm.. not encouraging, Fairly standard cheese fair. An outside chance simply because it's sung by a cute little kid.

'Happy Working Song'

This movie looks good, and with three noms it's got to be the main competition, but I don't think there's enough in this particular tune to win.

Dang. Let's move on..

'So Close'

'So straightforward- not a hint of irony. So romantic..' Really have to watch this movie.. but dammit, this song sucks. Next:

'That's How You Know'

This has got to be the strongest competition. It's actually not bad. It's got that calypso thing going on that you can't argue with, and the comedy is pretty good (though I don't know if that'll be taken into account).

Dammit though, there just isn't really anything that can stand up to 'Falling Slowly'. As much as I don't like Hansard, I have to admit it's probably the best song on offer. I just don't think we can stand the ego. Well, on the bright side, if he wins he may become a big worldwide star and leave Ireland for good. For some reason (surely ego related) embedding on Falling Slowly is disabled, so you'll have to go elsewhere to see it.

Ok fine, here's the link. Just don't say I wasn't impartial.

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January 23, 2008 at 8:48 AM Evil Bob said...

The gay inside me really wants to see Enchanted now but I'm going to say its all because the straight inside me wants to drool over Amy Adams.

Enchanted is no doubt going to suffer from the same thing that Dreamgirls did last year a) too many songs will split the votes three ways and b) the songs don't really work as songs out of the context of the movie.

Plus traditonally they love to give the award to the Lesbian with the acoustic guitar.
And the Oscar goes to...Outspan Foster.