Boom Boom Room- Mystery Solved!

Joey from the Boom Boom Room has been in touch to clear up what exactly happened with Conways Pub at the weekend. Turns out all stories of naughtiness were exaggerated, and the real problem was down to a lot of red tape.

Hear it from Joey himself after the jump:

Hi All,

Joey from The Boom Boom Room here. Just a quick note to address the situation at Patrick Conways Pub/The Boom Boom Room.

The pub was visited by the Gardai on Fri night at closing. The manager and staff were advised that they would not be allowed to reopen the premises until a problem with their license to operate was rectified. I have been advised by the owners of Conways the reason for the reason for this is that there has been an objection lodged against the license. It has been explained to me that the license and premises are owned by a number of individuals, and that there is a disagreement regarding the premises amongst themselves. I have been advised that this is a temporary situation, and that the premises should be re-opened early this week. It has nothing to do with underage drinkers, or any other reasons related to the operation of the pub or venue.
Thanks for the kind words and support The Boom Boom Room has received in this difficult time, including those posted in this thread.
Best Regards,

Mystery solved! We'll be posting details about the rescheduled SugarLips event as soon as we get em.

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