Cribs @ The Ambassador Review

No, I was not there (I was checking out No Standing in Crawdaddy), but Mark over at Ludaa has got quite an insightful view of the whole NME shebang.

I agree completely with his opinions (except that I reckon The Gossip are pretty good). I particularly must direct attention to the complete shitocity of some of the band's names, especially 'Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong' & 'Does It Offend You, Yeah?'. These bands may by amazing for all I know, but to be honest their names more than put me off ever giving them the three and a half minutes it may take for them to win me over.

Lesson leaned for them, methinks.

Click to check out Mark's review

Congrats to Mark, by the by, on making the longlist for best personal blog in the Irish Blog Awards- lets hope we all make the shortlist, then many the Jagerbomb will be consumed on March the first...

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