The Electric Picnic rumour-mill starts here

Well actually it doesn't. It started over on the Electric Picnic forum but I have taken the trouble of trawling through all the miscreant posts to find the ones that are actually likely to be true.

So far the only absolute definite is folky singer NEeMA but some other "pretty much assured's" are The Knife, The Postal Service and the Kings of Convenience.

From there the speculation goes wild however. My Bloody Valentine are touring the world this summer and have to play at least one of the festivals here. Hopefully good taste will command them to choose EP. The Cure are also going to be knocking around this neck of the woods at that time and who the hell wouldn't like to see them take over Stradbally? Super Furry Animals are hotly tipped as are the Flaming Lips although the fact that they've both played there before might go against them. Then again it hasn't stopped 2 Many DJ's who might just make it back for a 4th year despite, apparently, being shite at their gig last friday.

As Rob suggested previously, the line-up for Coachella (which is absolute balls in comparison to last years) could be an indicator (as it was last year) although hopefully it won't involve Jack Johnson or My Morning Jacket. Portishead would be fucking awesome and just like MBV hopefully they'll make the smart choice when they inevitably take their moodiness over here. Also from Coachella I'd be happy with Battles, Les Savy Fav, Justice, Múm, Cinematic Orchestra or Holy Fuck.

Glastonbury has announced Neil Diamond as Rob reported yesterday and with that as a threat we can only hope that God has forgiven me for sticking a banger up a cats arse one Halloween when I was 12.

If I havn't made it clear that this is all hearsay and idle banter then please be assured that so far there is no definite announcments and not even the ones I said are definite are in fact definitely definite. In one month the actual line-up is announced and you can shoot me then. In the meantime enjoy the Knife

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