Ka-Boom Boom Room: SugarLips Cancelled!

Bad news in the land of SugarLips- we've just received word that last night the Boom Boom Room was shut down by the Police for alleged naughtiness which I shant repeat here. Because of this, the venue will remain closed all weekend, thus leaving the SugarLips show homeless.

The fact that getting a replacement venue at this late hour is beyond impossible has left us no option but to call off the show.

The bands involved, Hybrasil, Story of Hair & Sarsparilla, all being as nice as apple pie, have all agreed to rescheduling, so hopefully we'll have news on that front very soon.

So apologies to those who were planning to come along tonight. We at egoeccentric & SugarLips recommend that if you're determined to go to a kickass show tonight you check out Super Extra Bonus Party who are promoting their new Ep (below) in Whelans. Tickets cost 10 euro and support comes from Captain Moonlight & Nouveaunoise.

SugarLips Will Return!!

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February 9, 2008 at 3:15 PM ctrl/alt/delete said...

if you get your skates on frank black , yes frank black is playing in stephen green band stand at 5 o clock

February 11, 2008 at 10:04 AM aoife mc said...

Sorry to hear about the gig lads. Did you make it down to Frank Black? I went down for 5pm, saw the man turn up, saw him leave, but didn't hear him play. Did he play? We were at the back of the crowd, weren't sure if we just couldn't hear him!!
SEBP in Whelan's was fecking righteous by the way.
Looking forward to the next sugarlips!