Sugarlips spotlight : Sarsparilla


Sarsparilla was raised in a small synth community in the green mountains of Wicklow. He soon found their small town ways oppressive and formed an escape plan with his then mentor, John Carpenter. These men promptly escaped into the Dublin underground, soon master Carpenter moved to the US, but Sarsparilla stayed in Ireland to forge his own distinctive synthesized soundscapes. Utilizing the techniques master Carpenter had taught him and building upon them, he has crafted his own sound that is nothing short of extraordinary!
With influences like The Equalizer, Escape From New York,V - the final battle ,Street Hawk and Hardy Boys Nancy Drew this man means business

MP3>Sarsparilla - The Count.

when playing live Sarsparilla ups the tempo because he is a man of the people and knows what the people want.
Sarsparilla play SugarLips @ The Boom Boom Room on Parnell Street this Saturday night- February 9th.

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