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The Dead Club
is a nifty little regular festival being run in the depths of Bray. Last Saturday night saw their third outing in Katie Gallaghers on the seafront, and it was the first time I'd had a chance to head down to check it out. Being from Bray I've experienced many a night out in these parts, but I can say with some certainty that Saturday was one of the best yet (up there with my introduction to Tequila when I was seventeen, and those oh-so-messy nights in the heyday of the Porterhouse- good times..).

The festival was set in both the main function room of Katies, and the adjacent Liquid nightclub, giving the bands two stages to play with, and leaving no awkward standing around time. The lineup was great, with headline slots coming from Hybrasil & the Dirty Epics. But they weren't the only great bands on display.

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When I arrived The Sneaking Suspicions were on stage, blasting out an excellent blend of reggae and punk-rock that had the crowd jumping. Over on Stage two, Kill Man Ten were hugely impressive, giving
their own twist to some good old fashioned grunge. Dundalk's The Receptors were also fantastic, with frontman Pete Johnson throwing himself fully into the kind of tunes you'd expect from Joe Strummer himself. The Almos Funk Band also made an appearance, their first in their new incarnation as a three-piece- and it looks like they've lost none of the funk, thank jeebus.

The atmosphere was great, and the last two acts capitalised the p in Party- Hybrasil through the magic of beats & cowbells, & the Dirty Epics not only by rocking hard, but by also by throwing a bag of party poppers to the audience. How nice.

All in all, The Dead Club gets an A from me. The night was fantastic- I'll definitely be attending their next shindig, and would highly recommend that you do too.

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