Clockwork Noise In The Studio

So while I did spend some of my weekend partying it up at the Dead Club, I also managed to get some proper work in. Sunday was spent in Newtown's Silverline Studios recording with Clockwork Noise.

It's been ages since we finished the album, and since that was recorded at home, it's been even longer since I've actually been in the studio. Getting back in the swing of things was surprisingly easy, as both Silverline & engineer Ivan Jackman were fantastic. We got a lot of stuff done, (including the guts of the song this blog gets its name from) and it's all sounding great so far. The plan is to get back in in two weeks time for essential 'tweakage', and hopefully the EP will be ready to release by the end of March.

I'll keep you posted on the EP's progress here... or you can always check out Clockwork Noise on myspace.

Read on for some shots from the studio..




Jackman & some schmuck with a hat:

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