Neon Love Heats Up

Neon Love is a weekly club-in-a-pub, the pub in question being the Bernard Shaw in Portabello. If anyone has ever wandered into the Bernard Shaw on a Thursday, they'll be familiar with the kind of crazyness I'm talking about. It's like the Pimp-Daddy of Dublin pubs. Whelan's has acoustic guitars, trad & blues; the Bernard Shaw has DANCING.

So our Thursday nights have Neon Love to thank.

As can be seen from the pretty poster, this week is particularly special- the guys and gals at Neon Love are celebrating their first birthday. To give a big funky hooray to that, Brixton's electro-rap sensations The Real Heat will be showing up to sing happy birthday (amongst other things, I'd imagine).

This marks quite a coup for Neon Love, as the girls of Real Heat are hot shit right now (if you'll excuse the pun). Having garnered several big-name fans, and even made their way on to NME's 2007 'cool' list (click), the recently dubbed 'anti-sugababes' are doing quite well for themselves. So crazy dancing from 8 til midnight, then the world is your flashing neon oyster.

How much is it going to set you back? You fool! If you're getting pissed on a Thursday, you're probably a student or a bum (me; ste) so don't have the cash to be springing money on admission prices. This is why Neon Love- every Neon Love- is completely free.

What are you waiting for?? Oh, Thursday. Right.

Ste has pointed this out in the comments section and it deserves mention here:
"pitchers of beer for a tenner and shots 3 blips in the shaw on thursday too".
Is this true? If so- that's amazing. Ciara? Can you confirm?

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February 26, 2008 at 1:36 AM ctrl/alt/delete said...

and pitchers of beer for a tenner and shots 3 blips in the shaw on thursday too

February 26, 2008 at 5:48 PM Anonymous said...

Yep it's true! Sorry guys was in such a lather getting info out about the band forgot to mention the drinks promos.

Buckfast Bottles: 12euro
Castlemaine beer: 3.50
Pitchers Beer: 10 euro
Shots (Jager etc): 3 euro.

Hope yis can pop in and celebrate with us!!! Ciara Neon Love