St Patrick's Day Has Moved

.. But don't worry, it's just the Jeebus-y stuff.

Apparently the Church has a beef with anything that might take attention away from Easter, even if it's something as pious & spiritual as a nationwide piss-up. So, in their infinite wisdom, they have decreed that this year Paddy's Day shall be held on March 15th instead of 17th, thus moving it outside the Easter week.

The funny thing is that all the broo-ha-ha of parades etc will still go ahead on the 17th, making the whole thing a blissful mockery. This is a great example of how irrelevant the church is these days, with even state sponsored festivities paying them no mind.

So which is the real Paddy's day? It doesn't matter- the 15th is a Saturday, so the whole country is gonna be pissed anyway. Woo Hoo!

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