Writers strike over. TV addicts rejoice.

So it never actually went on long enough to affect the film industry all that much but for those of you who were put out by the fact that the current seasons of Heroes had only 11 episodes (you missed nothing), Prison Break had only 13 (good for its own sake) and Lost was to feature only 8 (tragedy) then good news has arrived.

Yes its over. And luckily before any lasting damage happened. The WGA came to an agreement with the studios that will give them more money ...n' shit.

What this means is:

1. The Oscars will go ahead next week

2. Lost still has time to expand its season to the full amount of episodes.

3. Scrubs and Battlestar Galactica will get proper send-offs.

4. Decent movies will start to be made again.

5. Um. Life goes on.

For some reason though the producers of the new Star Trek movie have seen fit to push it back from a Christmas release to next summer. Bad news for Trekkies everywhere. Read story here

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