1st Tomlab Podcast

1hr 15mins of selections by the wonderous TOMLAB label, eurohome to, among many others: DEERHOOF, CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE, FINAL FANTASY, NO KIDS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD, MUNCH MUNCH, GRIZZLY BEAR, THE BLOW, THE BOOKS, WHY? and XIU XIU is UP NOW FOR FREE at here:http://caff-flick.com/media/Tomlab_For_Caff-Flick.mp3 and features some brand new label exclusives, cool things by LITTLE WINGS, KARL BLAU, TO BAD CATHOLICS, MT EERIE, ANTIFAMILY as well as blasts from the past from the likes of JANET JACKSON, TOD RUNDGREN, FLEETWOOD MAC and many more! so pick it up!

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