Download new Nine Inch Nails album right here

As Rob mentioned yesterday Trent Reznor has put the first part of his new "Ghosts" instrumental album up on all the Torrent sites where normally you download stuff illegally. He had previously done this with "Year Zero" last year and with the DVD releases of "Closure" and "Broken" which remain unreleased.

He also urged others to upload it on their own sites and what have you and so that is exactly what I am doing right now.

Click HERE to download "Ghosts Part I"

The great thing about this release is that you can decide to pay for the full download if you want for $5 or you can order the double CD for $10.
I have chosen to do the latter because, even though the CD itself won't ship for another month, they give you immediate access to download the album at a very high quality.

You could also splash out $75 or $300 for two big bonus packages but thats just a bit too heavy on my wallet.

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