Dark Knight Viral Campaign Rolls On

The Joker's internet hub whysoserious.com has been updated with details of a worldwide 'treasure hunt' to take place tomorrow night (Monday).

The closest to us is London, so I certainly won't be making it along, but for those who do, I'm sure some surprises will be in store. To coincide with this latest stunt, the theatrical poster for the film was released on the site (that's it above- click for cool hi-res).

For treasure hunt details check out the read more.

From the Joker:

Gather with 300 of your closest friends at this exact spot on April 28th.

You'll need to be in contact with a partner-in-crime who has online access to relay your instructions once you're there. These instructions will give you the TRAIL to follow, but be sure to look both ways when crossing the street; we wouldn't want you to make an unscheduled visit to the ER now, would we?

Put on a smile and plan to spend about an hour or so bonding with your fellow clowns.

Here's a list of the locations (courtesy of the imdb message boards):

* Boston: George Washington Statue in the Boston Public Garden at 5:30pm EDT
* Philadelphia: Warehouse on 4000 block of Main St (check Google Maps) at 5:30pm EDT
* New York: Center of Bryant Park at 5:30pm EDT
* Toronto: Center of Nathan Phillips Square at 6:30pm EDT

* Chicago: Northwest fountain in Olive Park at 5:30pm CDT
* Dallas: Northway Christian Church on the corner of Airline Rd and E NW Parkway at 5:30pm CDT
* Kansas City: Northeast corner of Sprint Pkwy and W 117th St, across from the Sprint Nextel Corporation (may be inside the compound) at 5:30pm CDT

* Seattle: Amphitheater in Victor Steinbrueck Park at 5:30pm PDT
* Los Angeles: Courtyard on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave at 5:30pm PDT
* San Francisco: Center of Hillside Park at 5:30pm PDT

* London: Center of St. James's Square at 9pm GMT

* Sao Paulo: Center of west section of Parque Ten. Siqueira Campo at 9pm (GMT-3)

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