Free tickets to The Minutes Live in Crawdaddy

Because we love you all so much here and we love to give you free stuff for free we are going to give away some free stuff

The Minutes are a three piece from Dublin who have gigged all over the shop in various incarnations until forming their current band a year or so ago. They've just been signed to Universals digital platform with whom they are releasing their debut single “Harmonic” which is, as the old saying goes, catchy as fuck.

To celebrate this release of single-ness they will play Crawdaddy on the 7th of May and they've given us two tickets for the gig. So do the whole click here thing and enter your name and email address and whoever gets picked out of our top hat (of doom) will get to go there gratis.

Click here for their Myspace and below for some tuneage.

The Minutes - Ukraine

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