Weezer like colours

Weezer new album is gonna be called............ Weezer. They're calling this third Weezer as the "Red Album" (so the sequence goes blue , green , red), according to a RollingStone.com report.
Weezer the red album will feature production from Rick Rubin, "Jacknife" Lee, and frontman/songwriter Rivers Cuomo. The RollingStone.com report also names "Pork and Beans" as the first single from the "Red Album".

Steps 3b and 4 of Rivers sawngwriting contest in the read more

Let's Write a Sawng (Step 3b)

Let's Write a Sawng (Step 4)

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June 10, 2008 at 4:29 PM Matthew said...

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Weezer The Re-Red album.