CSS, The Futureheads, MGMT gig review

SO just how good are MGMT? Well the last time they played here two months ago I was reminded over and over again how good a gig it was by all my friends who had been there and it had been pointed out to me many times since then that I am less of a man for missing it. Oh well what can I say? This time however I will not miss it and I will enjoy it despite the fact that "Kids" has me driven demented thanks to that arsehole Sinister Pete who plays it incessantly on Phantom each morning. Clearly they are as sick of it as I am because instead of actually playing the song live they do a karaoke rendition of it to a backing track as their opening song. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that this is actually their mindset because the first thing I said was "What the fuck is this shit?".

After that its down to business and they actually pick up their instruments to play a fairly short and predictable set. They don't seem to be loving it but then again when you are the opening band and your set is hampered by dodgy sound then there really isn't much you can do. Great tunes and doesn't take away from enjoyment of the album.

The Futureheads however can go suck it. Barely watched their blah blah indie punk silliness.

CSS however prove once again that they're a live force to be reckoned with. Not content with playing Ireland seemingly every second month, they also seem to want to play every venue in the country as well. Perhaps the Academy is too small for them. Perhaps not. Either way they make it their own and show us all how to have a good time in the hot humid town by looking like a band who enjoy playing music with each other just as much as we love hearing it. The chemistery between band members is awesome and they come across as genuinely fun people that one may want to have a beer with. Or, lets be honest, sleep with.

The songs from their forthcoming album sound great and make up for the lacklustre first single and the set pretty much covers everything from their first album (except for "Fuck off is the only thing you have to show" which I love) including the wretched "Alcohol" before finishing with a kick-ass "Lets make love and listen to Death From Above"

Worth checking out at the summer festivals? I think so.

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