Sugarlips Profile: Hoovers and Sledgehammers

Hoovers and Sledgehammers are fucking silly. Its hard to define exactly how fucking silly they are but suffice to say that silliness surrounds them in abundance. Its not really easy to say exactly what they sound like apart from the silliness but they definitely know how to make catchy little tunes. Its difficult to elaborate on what segment of society they may pander to with their silliness but they are sharp at pointing out certain weaknesses in different facets of Irish life (listen to That's Animal to hear Christy Moore taking a beating). One analogy I heard was if the Slate magazine (R.I.P.) was a band maybe it might be Hoovers and Sledgehammers. Thats kind of an old analogy seeing as The Slate doesn't exist anymore but if you know what I'm talking about'll know what I'm talking about.

Still finding it hard to get a reach on them? Their bio states that: Members Igor Honey, Earl Mustard and Boris Pollenhands have been producing music since 2004 and have amassed a generous back catalogue of songs-5 albums worth, with each album averaging 30 songs or more. They played New York's Death Disco in September 2006 and BP Fallon thought they were great! Then he watched Igor undress in the lads toilet. They like fine whisky, Finland, Kylie Minogue and their songs to be mastered. They are currently working on an EP which will be due for release in late April 2007. Recently Charlie Schnitzel joined them on drums and now they are complete.

Its been three years since I've seen them live but rest assured I will be at the Boom Boom Room tomorrow night for Sugarlips to see these mad fuckers again and so should you.

Check the read more for some awesome sounds or go to their myspace for more recent fare. Oh and they're not actually knackers in case the video below makes you not want to go. I mention this merely for those who have no concept of irony.

So's Your Sister

That's Fuckin' Animal

Al Pacino


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May 9, 2008 at 8:18 AM Anonymous said...

Magic! Look forward to seein these again.