SugarLips tastes good

The Sugarlips chaperoonies would like to thank everybody for turning out and making last Fridays Sugarlips gig most triumphant. For everybody who missed missed fun times.

Being the lazy and tardy bastard that I am I missed the opening act Blind Yacketi killed Kevin McNamara who by all accounts was savage cool and plays a MEAN guitar.

Patrick Kelleher & The Wet Dreams
begin the touch of surreality that will pepper the evening with the sounds of keytar, squaking and general randomness which all manages to come magically together into some pretty fucking kick ass tunes. Perhaps some paid gigs will result in the affording of a keyboard stand instead of an ironing board however therein also lies the appeal.

Hoovers and Sledgehammers
continue their tradition of mentalness. Dresses and wigs are the wardrobe of the day and now with added drummerness the songs are rocktastic. Unfortunately as the drummer is so new the full back catalogue of savagery isn't fully up to speed so songs like Thats Animal, So's Your Sister and AL Pacino do not make an appearance but it bodes very well for the future and they play this Thursday in the very same venue so go check 'em out.

The next Sugarlips gig will come soon so stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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