Road Records new releases - June 28th 2008‏

All the new releases in road records listed in the read more

The new Fleet Foxes album is now in stock and its on special offer for only €15.99

The Morr Music label are back with two new albums this week featuring Electric President and also Borko.

Bottomless Pit comes highly recommended if you were a fan of either Silkworm or Seam, the band features members of both outfits.

The new Guapo album will knock your post rock socks off

The new High Places album on Thrill Jockey is on special offer for only €10.99

Explosive Japanese post rock outfit Lite get our pick of the week this week with their new album “Phantasia” on the Irish based label Transduction Records. (and is my pick of this weeks releases)

Robin Saville (of Isan fame) has a new solo album out this week on Static Caravan

Sigur Ros are back with a superb new album this week, cd only for the moment.

The rather superb new White Denim album is on special offer this week for only €16.50 on vinyl and €13.99 on cd

The Jape album is finally in stock on vinyl now

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