Oxegen Review: Sunday

So despite having a wretched year in 2006 and complete avoidance last year I found myself once again in the Irish answer to the Calcutta slums, that is Oxegen, for one reason and one reason only. Rage Against the Machine. Naturally a whole day can't be spent in complete anticipation of this awesome band so to pass the time other bands were viewed.

Click below for a belated account of stuff.

Arrive to what turns out to be far too bloody early and continue drinking until a state of almost complete inebriation is reached by the time the gates open (12.00). Decide that there's fuck all on of interest so wander to campsite red to find compadres that are unfortunate enough to have spent the weekend there. Turns out the campsite has changed not a jot since the last time I was there which is very much a bad thing. The smell of decay is in the air.

Onwards to first band time who luckily happen to be Does it offend you, yeah? I haven't been bigging up this band for a while for no reason at all. They are actually shit cool and they put on a great fucking show. Its a shame that a) "the company" have chosen to once again hold the Dance 'tent' in that big sweatbox of a warehouse and b) that the sun is splitting the sky outside and even in that dank place the bright light permeates, ruining the effects of the lightshow somewhat. The chaps do their best however and wisely keep their rocking stuff until last where the crowd have reached the peak of their (possibly drug-aided) frenzy.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Dawn of the Dead

Finding one with a loss of anything in the way of good stuff to watch its decided to have a curious gander at We Are Scientists. Luckily that we're far enough away that we can ignore them because of all the boring shite that I've seen at various festivals over the years this is certainly up there. Such a promising band that three years ago brought out a quirky little rock tune (The Great Escape) has now been reduced to samey boring muck. Raised slightly in estimation by ending the set with the aforementioned classic.

We Are Scientists - The Great Escape

Indie's bright shining new stars MGMT are being viewed for the third time in as many months by yours truly and are now at the stage where I'm starting to not give a fuck about them anymore. They come out with their silly little bandana's and seem completely underwhelmed by the rapturous reception that they receive. All songs are played well but with the degree of don't-give-a-fuckness that make you want to hit the cunts. At one point the crowd gets to the stage of excitement that people are hanging off the pillars supporting the tent. While this initially receives much cheering from the crowd the tables are quickly turned when it transpires that the band aren't allowed to play anymore unless people get the fuck down. One stupid bint ignores the hoots and hollers from the crowd and proceeds to climb all the way up to the top of the pillar and through the hole in the tent. Cheers luv. One less song for us to hear. Spa. With barely any time left to play the band come on and finish with their trio of known songs, Electric Feel, Time to Pretend and Kids. The last song being where my largest bone of contention lies with the band. That everytime they play this song its as if they are doing Karaoke. I fail to believe that its not possible to reproduce this song live as other bands have done better with less. I predict this song being dropped from the set before long if it can be helped as their discomfort with performing it clearly betrays that this may be their Bohemian Rhapsody or Teen spirit.

MGMT - Electric Feel

You don't need me to tell you that Fight Like Apes are rising up the scene quicker than one of my belches after downing a nasty pint and they do certainly know how to perform live, that much is certain. The between song banter is infectious and gives off the impression that they are very much at ease with playing live and songs are short enough not to overstay their welcome. To be watched.

Fight Like Apes - Lightsabre Cock-Sucking Blues

So finally the hour comes. One that I've been waiting for for 15 years. Rage Against the Fucking Machine. I don't think I can possibly describe how much I enjoyed this gig. Not quite as well as Nialler does in his review anyway but suffice to say that after it ended I had bruises all over me and the next morning all my joints were stiff. It was great to find a mosh pit that was not only huge but violent (in that good way) and untainted by the thugs and oafs that "the company" likes to hire as security.

Every possible song is cranked out and it all ends too bloody fast. A big "Fuck you" goes out to the guy who couldn't fix their sound, which kept cutting out every now and then but apart from that little glitch they made it worth taking the trip to Punchestown for what will hopefully be the last time.

Rage Against the Machine - Bulls On Parade (DJ Kue Remix)

Cheers to James Goulden at State.ie for unwittingly supplying me with photo's

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July 18, 2008 at 10:46 AM Cauls said...

I do agree, We Are Scientists left me fairly cold, not as cold and bored as The Raconteurs though. Oh dear. Brendan Benson, will you please go back to the uplifting three minute solo stuff, the general Jack White on-stage bufoonery does not in the slightest suit you. And what about Derry's fantastic Fighting With Wire? They won't fit in with the rest of the 'it's kinda dancey, but also indie' lightweight drivel 2008 gang, but man does Cahir O'Doherty know how to write a thrumping hook laden tune. Just saw that he even has his own wikipedia page. Beat that MGMT...ah crap. they already have.

July 18, 2008 at 10:52 AM Chrisnostanding said...

For the benefit of those too inebriated or too busy moshing (or both) I took down the set list for Rage in the brief few seconds between each song before I hurled myself into a heaving mass of bodies.

Here it is in all its glory:

Bulls On Parade
People of the Sun
Know your enemy
Bullet in the head
Born of a broken man
Guerilla Radio
Ashes in the fall
Calm like a bomb
Sleep now in the fire
War within a breath
Killing in the name

I had a great weekend as I stayed in the green campsite which meant there was actually room to walk around without bumping into another tent.

I was one of the 'lucky' that got in to MGMT. However they were pretty disappointing live and i've yet to understand why they've become as popular as they have when they have little or no stage presence and about three good songs, four at a push. One of which is the aforementioned karaoke version of a song which I think is the best song they have.

Fight like apes were good but its not the best performance i've seen of theirs. It didn't help that the sound wasn't great.

Sorry about the really long post

July 18, 2008 at 7:03 PM Evil Bob said...

Cheers for the cool comments guys and Chris feel free to use all the space you're given whenever you want. Thats what its there for.