Tonight Skinny Wolves presents

Skinny Wolves presents:

(Drag City, Southern)

w/ guest DJ JAAKKO & more

Thursday 17th July
Anseo (upstairs), CAMDEN Street, Dublin
Doors 8.30pm, 10euro


"2007 was a fantastic year for White Magic seeing the release of their second EP Dark Stars - following their first full-length Dat Rosa Mel Apibus, both to critical praise.

Their combination of folk, blues, country and supernatural psychedelia bring to mind visions of late 60's communes where people ran naked, grew marijuana and kids chased dogs wearing bandannas, though something sinister is always hiding behind the romantic visage... but this is not altogether the vision of Brooklyn where the band presently reside. To live in a city and create music of this nature and intensity, music that pulses like the heart of a storm is a thing of great triumph. Their originality lies in the journey of their songs, New Egypt being no exception.

White Magic are champions of repetition, looping and feedback and apocalyptic balladry that's as threatening and paranoid as it is beautiful and contemplative. Mira Billotte's voice, accompanied by Doug Shaw's psyched out guitar work and a drum beat that's relentless and driving is a ferocious combination, and one that we at Southern
are really happy to have been given the opportunity to present to you, here. Please sit back and enjoy."

Sanna Charles, Southern Records, November 2007

"Mira Billotte played in Quix*o*tic before forming WHITE MAGIC. Her voice has been compared to Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Grace Slick, Karen Dalton, and Nico among others. White Magic has toured with the likes of Sonic Youth, Will Oldham, Joanna Newsom, Six Organs of Admittance, Ghost, Animal Collective, Magic Markers and Fiery Furnaces, among others names."

White Magic (East River Music Project, NYC)

(Doug from White Magic's Tropicala solo project!!!!)


Originally formed as a duo with an unhealthy desire to emulate the Incredible String Band, UBS quickly evolved into a collective and laid the groundwork for the Deserted Village label and events. Since their formation in winter 2001 they have played and recorded sporadically-never settling on one recording method, never settling on one line-up. The new album "The Shore that Fears the Sea"(truenote007) shows a love of the unadorned beauty of Shirley Collins, Anne Briggs and Vashti Bunyan, Current 93, Coil and Sol Invictus, as well as the work of poets Edwin Morgan and WS Graham. Sparse folk sidles up to a more melodic take on improvisation and tales of loss and pagan longing abound. If they could exist anywhere, they would be playing in the Green Man when Sergeant Howie arrives.

Since their Sun worship ritual at The Mór Festival in 2003, the students have increased their activities. The set, which included radical re-workings of some of their quiet new folk songs has been edging towards a more Pharoah Sanders/ Emperor/ Can hybrid thanks to the new drums and horns helping them to blaze brighter in the northern skye. Live shows throughout Ireland and Britain including the Leechrum Festival have seen them wildly improvise with up to twelve members or play straight trad as a trio. Standard rock instrumentation is bolstered with theremins, fretless banjos, accordions, bugles... whatever comes to hand... Their philosophy is that all paths are equal, all approaches relevant. Members have sometimes met on stage for the first time.

Though inspired by Irish Folk music, United Bible Studies have always seen themselves in a global context. They've had a slew of releases on microlabels across the planet and have invited many like-minded artists to tour Ireland with them including Avarus, Fursaxa, James Blackshaw, Peter Wright, Corsano/Flaherty, Black Forest/Black Sea, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Pinkie and John, ZU, Daniel Padden, Josephine Foster, Mi and L'au and Pumice. UBS played as Damo Suzuki's backing band twice: First at the demented beer garden after-party of the Mór Festival 2004 which saw people dancing in tongues and using every solid object as a drum and a sold-out two-hour set in Galway in March 2005.

United Bible Studies (featuring emily from party weirdo) will be playing a special percussion and vocal chant based set for the first time, on the night...

United Bible Studies at Terrastock 7


Dublin-based guitarist Cian Nugent turned some heads last fall with his self-released EP of meditative guitar compositions. Recorded to an old reel-to-reel machine, Nugent’s originals (plus a cover of Buell Kazee’s Anthology of American Music staple “The Wagoner’s Lad”) were well served by their crackly presentation, reminiscent of a rummaged 78 rpm treasure. Ranging from the jug band bounce of “Baka Danse” to the eerie squeaks of “The Ceremony,” Nugent’s music boasts a rare breadth. On Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 3, his “When the Snow Melts and Floats Downstream” is as warm and welcome as a hearth in winter. A full-length album for Tompkins Square is in the works, and a live album, Childhood, Christian Lies and Slaughter, should be issued on Incunabulum/Smeraldina-Rima soon. As he prepares his Tompkins Square release, Nugent’s been seeking out a broader set of influences and a more orchestrated, fully instrumented sound. "Lately I'm finding it interesting to get ideas from other instruments and try to use them on guitar, say piano for example," he said in an email. "The whole field of modern classical I'm finding really exciting, from the really extreme to the tame."

Nugent has toured Ireland with James Blackshaw and Jozef van Wissem, and U.K. readers can catch him in June, at shows with The Family Elan, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and others.
David Lacey will be drumming with CIAN NUGENT on the night!

Cian Nugent whelans apr 08

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