Sugarlips spotlight: The Avalanche Effect

With the sugarlips gig coming up on Saturday the 5th of July (yup this Saturday) where gonna be having a closer look at all the bands playing , first up is the The Avalanche Effect from Cork, who have just released e.p. entitled: "Do You Think They Can Hear Us?" and will be playing Sugarlips as part of a tour to launch their ep.
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A little bit of history on the band first
Cemented together from the rubble of several local bands,
The Avalanche Effect have emerged as guitarists Barry Ronayne and
Jon Pearson, Frank O Connell on bass, singer Steve Geaney and
Cian Heffernan behind the drums.
The initial concept was formed late into 2006 when ideas were
knocked around but the band was at this stage instrumental.
Steve joined in early 2007 to complete the outfit.
Progress was made, slowly at first with the band preferring the confines
of The Cottage to write and develop their music.

By June 2007 the band felt ready and tentatively stepped on stage for
the first time in front of packed audience at Fred's. Having been known
in other bands there were definite expectations. These were met.
The gig gave the band the much needed impetuous to move onwards,
and upwards from there.

A solid years worth of gigging has served to ingratiate
The Avalanche Effect with the local scene. Good friends were made
and some support interesting support slots were played.
Amongst them: Fight Like Apes, Hooray For Humans, Terrordactyl
and recently Tubelord and Blakfish on their March '08 Irish Tour.

The band now felt confident enough to put their music down on record.
For this, they made the trip to Tralee, Co.Kerry and the marvellous
Data Recording Studio was at their disposal. Marshalling the effort was
the excellent Ross O Donovan (of Ten Past Seven and Waiting Room fame).
The results of which is an e.p. entitled: "Do You Think They Can Hear Us?". From that Ep, here's Mentalied Matics:

MP3>The Avalanche Effect- Mentalied Matics

The Avalanche Effect play Sugarlips along with Arcada and ELK in the lower deck on Saturday the 5th of July. its only 5 euro in so come one and all

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