Tonight in The Bernard Shaw

Think You Reckon You Know Your Movies Well Enough to Know The Following

Know what was Withnail's drinking buddy's name in the classic British drinking journey to the English countyside that was the comedy Withnail & I?

Know who played The Joker in Tim Burton's epic Batman in 1989?

Who the gay droid was from the Star Wars trilogy (the good one)?

Know what Tyler Durden's 'Project' was called in Fight Club?


Know how many member's there were in The Breakfast Club?

Then Check out The SugarLips Cult Movie Quiz – Tuesday 22nd of July!!!

With lots of Cheap Beer & beer's sluty beer!

Along w/ Cinema Tickets to see the advanced screening of The Dark Night...Good DVDs & other great stuff to be given away

It'll be more fun than your average Tuesday night of s
itting at home in the bath-tub & crying

The Bernard Shaw 11-12 South Richmond St, Portobello 8pm sharp...Just up from the BleedingHorse

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