Sugarlips gigs present Diane and the Shell,The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, ABAM and Jezery

Saturday the 18th of October in the lower deck
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Diane and the Shell

Diane and the Shell is a Sicilian instrumental indie- math- experimental- rock band.
These four musicians from Catania, Italy are in love with the loudest volume of their amps and have a passion for angular and geometric, yet organic, song structures.The music brings to mind images of a lilting and sensuous dance thousands of feet above terra firma, caressing the outer limits of our atmosphere and roaring back down to earth like a jet airplane. 30,000 Feet Tarantella is a work full of moody irony, joy, and passion. Diane and the Shell illuminates a direct, powerful, and clear sound rich with allegorical metaphors, given life in haunting orchestral arrangements.The grace and sensitivity of their playing belies a maturity and wisdom far beyond their young ages.Their debut, The Red EP, churned forth progressive structures and mutant-disco provocations foreshadowing the fully realized work expressed with this release. 30,000 Feet Tarantella was recorded and mixed by Sacha Tilotta with the artistic production of Agostino Tilotta (Bellini, Uzeda) in one week of amusing and exhilarating delirium. To promote his new record D.a.t.s. toured U.S.A. and Italy.

Diane and the Shell myspace

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

Named after a poem about a haunted canal lock, the Spook plucks banjos and twangs guitars, he yelps and he drones and sings songs about doomed revolutionaries, brave partisans, corrupt politicians and constant struggle.
Live the Spook plays solo with guitar, banjo and effects or swells to full band with bass, guitars, drums
The eponymous debut album see songs in the Irish folk tradition expanded into the realms of psych, prog and post rock, channeling amongst other things, the diverse yet kindred spirits of Lift to Experience, 16 Horsepower, Thin Lizzy and The Chieftains.

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock myspace


ABAM are a three-peice from Dublin who have made a habit of making kickass music.
Not descriptive enough for ya? Try..... loud.
They're kinda math-rock kinda punky, kinda Japanese poppy, with vocals that enough hook and melody to them to keep the whole thing vaguely friendly. But don't be afraid to jump around. In fact, jumping around may be quite unavoidable- the beats are amazing. In June of this year the lads recorded in Los Angeles with Rich Mouser and Jimmy Coup.

ABAM myspace


Jezery began in January 2005, when four friends with overlapping but individual tastes in music, and experiences with bands, started putting songs together. After solid months of jam making, the jam became a gel-like substance, and Jezery tentatively stepped onto stages.
Rubbish gigs came and went with plenty of lessons learnt along the way. By November 2005 they must have started to do some things right, because Tenpastseven (Out On A Limb Records) asked them to play support on an Irish tour. That same month they recorded a cd called " Be Wide " . It introduces a band still in early development, but with a lot of the fundamentals of their sound in evidence.
In February 2007 they ventured to the studio again to record their second ep, " Six Sided Clothes", launching it with gigs in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tralee. This is an altogether more coherent record, with a much different sound. The ep is available in Plugd in Cork, and also worldwide through Road Records

Jezery myspace

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