Junior Jaguar

Kevin over at mp3hugger has an uncanny knack of turning up some amazing artists in his continuing quest to provide huggable mp3s. One such artist which I have recently become hooked on is Washington DC based Junior Jaguar. This one-man outfit has produced two terrifically endearing tracks, both home-recorded, both to be checked out on myspace.

Morning is a great feelgood track which sounds beautifully honest, like mellow guitar pop at it's finest- and with a touch of 60s/70s about it. Divine is more up-tempo, and is awash with that same honesty. All the right notes are hit, with one guitar line driving it, and one pulling it back. It's exactly the kind of thing that anyone would aspire to writing when picking a guitar in the first place- simple, honest and tremendously effective.

Tracks like these make so much of what's out there sound contrived. It's really refreshing to hear songwriting like this, and personally I can't wait to hear Junior Jaguar's first full length album (tis due early 2009).

We'll keep you posted.

Junior Jaguar- Divine

Junior Jaguar on myspace

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