Blur Reunite: Fuck Yeah!!!

Although they never really officially broke up its always good to see a band completely reforming with all original members intact. Those of you who are tutting their heads right now are thinking back at the dirge that was Country House and clearly aren't familiar with all the top notch stuff that they brought out under the radar, particularly in their last three albums which proved once and for all that they beat the shit out of Oasis as far as properly musically diverse bands go, despite Damon Albarn being a bit of a cock too.

So far only one large Hyde Park show has been announced but hopefully they'll drag their asses over here or even to Glasto. The last time they played here was the Olympia in December 2003 which was a fairly small scale show for a band like Blur. I can see a likely headlining show at Oxegen for one.

Click in the read more for a reminder/introduction to some of their great tunes


Out of Time

Good Song


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