More Worry For Watchmen

As if there weren't already enough reasons to worry about the impending Watchmen movie. Alan Moore's hollywood hatred, questions about director Zack Snyder's ability, dodgy 'hip' editing in the trailer and the inevitable declarations that the book is 'too long' and some things 'must be lost'.

All that considered there was always reason to cling to optimism, and hope that we would at least be treated to a vaguely faithful adaptation. Until now. Well, recently, anyway- I'm only hearing about this now (and maybe, so are you). Apparently the movie will commit the cardinal sin of all adaptations by changing the ending. How dare they??

Spoilers in the readmore.

Just in case you missed that, here be SPOILERS:

Those who've read the book will know that the crux of the novel is that Ozymandias creates a giant squid-thing and teleports it into the middle of New York City leading the world to believe aliens are attacking the planet, thus uniting humanity against this alien threat and ending the Cold War scenario.

The filmmakers, clearly knowing better than Alan Moore (sigh), have changed the alien squid into a machine that is built by Ozymandias & Dr Manhattan which sets off a series of Nuclear explosions throughout the world.

Clearly this is some sort of unfounded, malicious rumor spread by fanboys online who simply never wanted to see the movie come to fruition. No. Says Zack Snyder in an interview with Dark Horizons:

"The squid was not in the movie when I got the script, the squid was never in any draft that I saw. My point is only that there was this elegant solution to the squid problem that I kind of embraced. I'm a fan of the thing as much as anyone, I was saying what are we going to do about this before I even read the script."

You horrible bastard, Snyder.

The arduous task of rebuilding optimism begins here.

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December 16, 2008 at 12:06 PM Gardenhead said...

Oh oh spaghetti oh. Some people I know are going to go a bit apeshit over this.

December 17, 2008 at 4:00 AM LoLo said...

Clearly referring to me, Gardenhead!
All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK is the point in making the film if you're going to change the fucking ending?????
On the other I've said on countless forums...It's only a movie, it will never be better than the book and I'm still going to see it the day it comes out anyways (cue retarded joke "Who's watching the Watchmen? I AM!!" sorry.)

December 17, 2008 at 7:37 AM Evil Bob said...

Ending changed? Motherfucking cockgobblers