A Musical Guide to 2009 (In Videos)

The best of 08's are barely compiled and everyone's already looking ahead to the next year and trying to identify who'll provide the soundtrack. While many a list is floating about, some artists are popping up more often than others.

Here's an attempt to provide a one stop shop for you to find out what ya likes, and what ya don't.

A veritable feast of youtube linkery in the readmore.

White Lies
Who: Interpol-y three piece from London.
Listen: To Lose My Life

Florence & The Machine
Who: Artsy British lady and her band. Doing quite well already.
Listen: Kiss With A Fist

Dinosaur Pile-Up
Who: Loudish Leeds band, declared by some as the bringers of a new grunge era.
Listen: Your Harley (not a lot of youtube content, I suggest wandering over to their myspace).

Passion Pit
Who: Talented Bostonians (pictured at the top of the post) who released what was probably the best EP of 2008. Track it down, it's awesome. Tipped for greatness by almost everyone. Including me.
Listen: Sleepyhead

Who: Funky, dancy, poppy, Oregon band. Released their debut album 'Mind Chaos' in 2008 to much hype, and hype well deserved. These guys are good.
Listen: Too Fake

Little Boots
Who: Blackpool songstress who can use the power of pop for quirky electro proposes. Almost everyone is tipping Boots for fame & fortune in 09. We like her too. She made us a mixtape, which was nice.
Listen: Stuck on Repeat (Live)

La Roux
Who: Awesome english electro-pop lady, who briefly found a home with cult french label Kitsuné, through whose compilations I first discovered the below track. She's now been snapped up by Polydor, and will no doubt be big.
Listen: Quicksand

Who: Poppy three-piece born out of the mystical Williamsburg scene in NYC. Currently making it big thanks to landing an ipod commercial featuring the song below.
Listen: Bruises

Gary Go
Who: Middlesex piano man who is all over youtube doing covers and whatnot. Much touted by movers and shakers such as HMV.
Listen: Heart & Soul

Who: Conor of The Immediate has returned and now the Irish music scene can feel a little less sad at the loss of his original band. The songs are excellent, and the fledgling Villagers may be the Irish act of 2009. Check out their first headline show on Feb 21st at Crawdaddy.
Listen: The Meaning of the Ritual (live, acoustic. Check out the amazing full version on myspace)

Titus Andronicus
Who: Jersey lads who sound like the Clash with Conor Oberst on vocals. It aint half bad though...
Listen: Titus Andronicus

The XX
Who: Schoolmates of Hot Chip, Burial, etc. Sounds reaaaaly good.
Listen: Stars (only remixes on youtube- nice'n'mellow original on myspace page).

Empire of the Sun
Who: 80's-tastic aussies. Easy pitch? Try 'the new MGMT'.
Listen: Walking on a Dream

The Big Pink
Who: London duo who shoegaze, in a madchester kinda way. Have impressed TV On The Radio & Crystal Castles enough to earn support slots.
Listen: Too Young To Love

General Fiasco
Who: Belfast trio providing the 'choppy guitar pop' entry for the year. Not to shabby, and apparently great live. The kinda thing I can see doing quite well.
Listen: Rebel Get By

Temper Trap
Who: More Aussies, this time radio-friendly pop-rock. Not in a bad way.
Listen: Sweet Disposition

Vivian Girls
Who: Strange, Brooklyn all-girl, indie-rock band, who released a highly acclaimed lo-fi album in late 2008. Predicted to take off big style.
Listen: Tell The World

At the end of all that, I would be staking my money on Little Boots, Villagers, Hockey & La Roux to do well in 09. And if Passion Pit don't become huge I shall buy a hat and eat it.

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