Quack Quack pick the egoeccentric hangover mixtape vol. 50

This weeks hangover mixtape comes from Quack Quack.
Quack Quack is a three piece instrumental, instrument swapping band approximately based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Combining simple keyboard melodies with pulsing polyrhythms QQ make music that is difficult to pigeonhole but has been compared to folks such as Trans Am, Can, and Afrika 70.

Formed in 2005, the band consists of Neil Turpin (drums, also seen in Bilge Pump, Polaris and with Doug Scharin in HiM), Richard Morris (keyboards & drums, also of Two Minute NoodlesI Had An Inkling/EYE HAI and Chops) and Stuart Bannister (bass). All three, individually, continue to contribute to the Damo Suzuki Network.
tracklisting and download link in the read more.

01. Echoes - Pink Floyd
02. Do I Move You - Nina Simone
03. Behind The Wall Of Sleep - Black Sabbath
04. I Felt Like A Gringo - Minutemen
05. Japanese Folk Song - Thelonious Monk
06. Not On Top - Herman Dune
07. Down By The River - Neil Young
08. Fearfully And Wonderfully - Lungfish
09. Fare Forward Voyagers - John Fahey
10. Dyers Eve - Metallica

Download side A
Download side B

Quack Quack - Mars

Quack Quack - Jason


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