'Sounds of 09' Double Headliner

Two of the bands most widely tipped for success in 2009 are set to grace the stage of Whelans on March 1st.

Passion Pit (above) & Hockey will perform a double-headliner, giving us a chance to see for ourselves whether the all this hype is justified. This will be all about Passion Pit for me. While their Chunk of Change EP still sounds amazing, Hockey seem pretty weak when one ventures past the (admittedly great) single, 'Too Fake'. Further examination of this phenomenon in the readmore.

Regardless, it should be one of those 'shows you won't want to miss', so be sure to grab a ticket quick. They go on sale this Wednesday (Jan 21st) for a very reasonable 15 euros a pop.

Hockey- Too Fake (good)

Hockey- Um, pretty much the rest of the songs on their myspace (a bit razorlight-y)

Passion Pit- Smile Upon Me (awesome)

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