SugarLips Spotlight No.2: Skuzzi Port Sound System

Skuzzi Port Sound System are very much a mixed bag, combining all sorts of talents with a wide range of influences. At least one of them hails from the Bray locality, and they can be seen in the below video taking over Bray Cineplex for a crazy trippy show. Based on their recorded material listening to Skuzzi Port could see you singing along to indie-esque tracks, or unable to resist the urge to dance to their trip-hop, beat driven material. All across the board their formula of melody & electronica is a mix to be reckoned with. Some exercises in genre-bending have been known to disappoint (DMC does soft-rock, anyone?), but Skuzzi Port deftly tread the lines between indie-rock, electronica & hip hop without putting a foot wrong. Definitely worth checking out.

Click me to hear the excellent 'Skuzzi Logic'.

Click me to check out Skuzzi Port on myspace.

Here's one of their mellower offerings, 'Don't Scream', live in Bray Cineplex:

Skuzzi Port Sound System play the SugarLips festival on Saturday November 17th.
Keep checking the SugarLips myspace profile for updates.

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May 7, 2009 at 3:01 AM edanto said...

Hiya there.

Just to let you know that there's a new website up at with the latest thumping tunes!

Would you like a free pass to a gig?