The Devil, You + Me

Its been 6 years since the jaw dropping Neon Golden but Notwist are coming back with a new album due out in late May on City Slang the title of the album is The Devil, You + Me .

Why the long wait you may ask well the Notwist folk keep themselves busy with side projects such as collaboration with Anticon hip-hoppers Themselves under the moniker 13 & God... Or Markus Acher's work in Lali Puna... or his brother, Michael's contributions to Ms. John Soda... or Martin Gretschmann's electronic-inflected project Console... or the Acher brothers' jazzy Tied And Tickled Trio.Markus also released two albums under the name Sharon Stoned. The debut album License to Confuse is named after the Sebadoh song and contains one track sang by Lou Barlow, so as you can see their plates are very full.
but they have a new album recored and they released this piece of info

The band recorded portions of the album with the ANDROMEDA MEGA EXPRESS ORCHESTRA, a way out, 20+ headed classical orchestra that specializes in exciting and sometimes bizarre avant classic interpretations of modern jazz, which compliments perfectly the album’s mood and themes of love, loss, alienation, planetary alignment, the positive side to deception, death, refusal and the titular Devil.

the track listing for the album is
The Devil, You + Me
Good Lies
Where In The World
The Devil, You & Me
On Planet Off
Hands On Us
Gone Gone Gone

as a preview of the album heres a track of it
MP3>The Notwist-Good Lies

Head over to to see some recording footage.
The Notwist play the Button Factory on June 7th; tickets are €17.50

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