Kraftwerk threatening to sue Kling Klang

Kraftwerk are threatening to sue Kling Klang the five piece kraut-punk band from Liverpool who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action label
Kling Klang are said to gotten their name inspired by the Klingklang studio Kraftwerk own. While supporting Portishead in Cologne last Sunday (6 Apr)Kling Klang received a fax from a promoter associated with Kraftwerk threatening to sue if Kling Klang don’t change their name.
more info in the read more.

All that Kling Klang themselves have said so far is "They want to keep adherent to the facts and not express an opinion for now"

Heavy stuff i think you will agree but Krauftwerk love their studio even packing it up and taking it with them on their 1981 world tour.

I myself wish Kling Klang all the best in the battle and i hope that things work out for the best. They will soon be back in the studio to record the follow up to the really good Esthetik of Destruction (go buy it) which is set to come out on Rock action by the end of the year.

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