Patrick Kelleher pick the egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape Vol 16

This weeks hangover mix comes from the mind of Patrick Kelleher. Paddy is playing the Sugarlips gig with on the Friday the 9th of May in the boom boom room , so we though it would be a good idea if he picked the hangover mix seeing as your all gonna come (please come) and get drunk and have a good time and wake up on Saturday morning with stinking hangovers we though it would be nice if at least one of the people responsible eases your pain (as for the others it up to yourself to get them to ease you pain).
so download and track listing in the read more as well as some more details on the Sugarlips gig.

paddy has called this mix "hum till u drum mix" (but its really the egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape Vol 16)

1.This is Far From a Belle Epoque - A Faulty Chromasome
2.Dr. Glass - Deerhunter
3.Sailing To Byzantium - Liars
4.The Misfit - Oneida
5.Coming Down - The United States Of America
6.Within You, Without You - Sonic Youth
7.A Man Humming - Children Under Hoof
8.Fantasy - Mariah Carey
9.I Want Your Love - Chromatics
10.What's Happening in the City? - Zombie Zombie
11.Ghosts - Japan
12.The Winter Arcade - Chequerboard
13.Esame - Joanna Newsom
14.Do I Worry? - Frank Sinatra
15.Go and Sit Upon the Grass - Ivor Cutler

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now to the gig news

Having heard patrick kelleher ep i was more then happy to offer his a slot on our next gig then i heard about "the wet dreams" his backing band with enough keyboards and keyboard type instruments to level as small country the band is gonna back some sonic power , on top of that too ive heard talk of some art installation going on while the band plays, details are sketchy and trying to get info for any of them was not happening they are playing their card very close to their chests and looking to surprise people with there show.
having only heard Paddys ep im not sure really what to expect from them live but what i can say is that paddy is a very accomplished songwriter and it really shines thru on his ep he has touches of Bradford cox about him sometimes as well.

check out his free single "He Has To Sleep Some Time" here

Patrick Kelleher myspace page

As you may have noticed from the poster for the gig above the line up has changed slightly opening up the night will be Blind Yackety murdered Kevin McNamara. said his music is "Like Tom Waits at a carnival in Eastern Europe after a holiday in Italy with gypsies in late summer" and to be honest that i a very good description of the way it sounds.
Blind Yackety murdered Kevin McNamara myspace page

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June 3, 2008 at 11:57 PM Anonymous said...

this is the best hangover mix so far anyways,