Sugarlips Spotlight: ARCADA

Arcada are an awesome four-piece from Dublin, who's blend of energy and experimentation have won them quite a few fans on the gig circuit. Influenced by a huge variety of musical styles & genres, Arcada have rolled them all up into a quirky yet kinetic package. The band have recently played well received shows with the likes of Tubelord, Blakfish, BATS & Heathers, and seem to be on the verge of taking Dublin by storm.

The tipping point may well be reached this August, as Arcada release their debut album. For now the only aural taste of the band available is from their 2007 EP, but it should be more than enough to get you excited about August. This is I Will If You Ask Me:

Arcada- I Will If You Ask Me

Click for mp3

If August seems too far away (it is, you know), you can check out Arcada live this Saturday night at Sugarlips in the Lower Deck, Portabello. Tickets are 5 euro til 9, 6 thereafter. Also playing are The Avalanche Effect, and the amazing Elk, which we'll be profiling tomorrow.

Check out Arcada on myspace here.
Check out Sugarlips on myspace here.

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