David O'Doherty picks the egoeccentric hangover mixtape vol. 35

This weekend our hangover mix comes courtesy of stand-up comedian, author, musician, playwright and recent winner of the 2008 If.comedy award David O'Doherty (or DOD for short). In the readmore see David's picks and a few words on each from the man himself.

1. Winston Churchill’s address to the Nation on the RAF.

Holy shit this is a good start. I never had time for speeches before this. I got it on some Greatest Speeches of the 21st Century compilation. It makes you want to join the army in 1942 and beat the shit out of Hitler. (This will be the theme of this compilation. “Don’t just lie in bed feeling sorry for yourself.! Get up! Cycle to the canal! At least feel sorry for yourself close to ducks!”)

2. Herman Dune: I Wish That I Could See You Soon.

If there is a happier song than this I can’t think of it.

3. Wilson Philips: Hold On For One More Day

One of those songs I got into as an ironic thing but now have listened to a lot. Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I think I really like the accapella bit.

4. Jape: Phil Lynott

“Look at the fucking moon” is my favourite lyric of the year.

5. Loney, Dear: And I Won’t Cause Anything At All

There are some things I will never understand. Like why Loney Dear isn’t fucking huge and people don’t sing his songs on X Factor.

6. Super Furry Animals: Slow Life

If I was ever pulled over by the law while I was listening to this song I would have to remain in the car until this song was over.

7. Phil Oakey: Together in Electric Dreams

In the Pappy’s Fun Club show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year this song played whenever anyone died. Also the video is off the bonerfied hook.

8. Jonathan Richman: I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar

If you don’t like this song I can never get off with you.

9. Len: Steal My Sunshine

I’ve no idea how this happened. Well I do, it’s the break from the disco song More, More, More with (and I think it is appropriate to say this) douchebags badly singing over the top. But somehow it’s not shit! It’s totally amazing!

10. Hard n’ Phirm: Funkhauser

This is the greatest comedy song ever recorded.

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David has released one album of his jokes, "Giggle Me Timbers (or 'Jokes Ahoy!')" available from www.trustmeimathief.com

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November 2, 2008 at 3:21 PM MikeFlah said...

Love the mixtapes but man, this one had such a cheer-up effect on me! Brilliant, love it, cheers!